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What Does The Color Of The Wire Mean?
Jul 04, 2018

1. Black: Internal wiring of devices and equipment.

2. Brown: The positive side of the DC circuit.

3. Red: three-phase circuit and phase C; collector of semiconductor transistor; cathode of semiconductor diode, rectifier diode or thyristor.

4. Yellow: Phase A of a three-phase circuit; base of a semiconductor transistor; controllable pole of a thyristor and a triac.

5. Green: Phase B of the three-phase circuit.

6. Blue: the negative pole of the DC circuit; the emitter of the semiconductor transistor; the anode of the semiconductor diode, rectifier diode or thyristor.

7. Light blue: the neutral or neutral of the three-phase circuit; the grounded neutral of the DC circuit.

8. White: The main electrode of the triac; no semiconductor circuit of the specified color.

9. Yellow and green two colors (each color is about 15 to 100 mm alternately attached): a safety ground wire.

10. Red and black parallel: AC circuit connected by double-core wire or double stranded wire.