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Transportation And Storage Of Automotive Wire And Cable
Jul 04, 2018

1. It is forbidden to drop cables or cable trays from high places during transportation, especially at relatively low temperatures (generally around 5 degrees Celsius and below), because throwing or dropping cables is likely to cause insulation or protection. The set is cracked and affects the use.

2. Try to avoid storing the cable in an open manner in the open air. The cable tray must not be placed flat.

3. When lifting the package, it is strictly forbidden to hoist several plates at the same time. In vehicles, ships and other transportation tools, the cable trays should be fixed by suitable methods to prevent collision or tipping over to prevent mechanical damage to the cables.

4. The cable is forbidden to be in contact with acid, alkali and mineral oil. It should be stored separately from these corrosive substances. The storage room of the storage cable must not contain harmful gases that damage the insulation and corrode the metal.

5. Cables should be rolled regularly during storage (three months in summer and other seasons depending on the situation). When rolling, the storage tray will be rolled upside down to prevent the bottom surface from being rotted. Always check that the cable gland is intact when storing.

6. The storage period of the cable is limited to the ex-factory period of the product. Generally, it should not exceed one and a half years, and the longest period is no more than two years.

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