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Power Cables Are Classified By Insulation
Jul 04, 2018

1. Oil-impregnated paper insulated power cable with oil-impregnated paper as insulation power cable. Its application history is the longest. It is safe and reliable, has a long service life and is inexpensive. The main disadvantage is that the laying is limited by the drop. Since the development of non-drip paper impregnation insulation, the problem of drop limitation has been solved, and oil-impregnated paper insulated cables have continued to be widely used.

2. Plastic insulated power cable The insulation layer is a power cable for extruding plastic. Commonly used plastics are polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, and crosslinked polyethylene. The plastic cable has a simple structure, convenient manufacturing and processing, light weight, convenient laying and installation, and is not limited by the installation drop. Therefore, it is widely used as a medium and low voltage cable, and has a tendency to replace the viscous oil-impregnated paper cable. The biggest drawback is the presence of dendrite breakdown, which limits its use at higher voltages.

3. Rubber insulated power cable The insulation layer is made of rubber and various compounding agents. After thorough mixing, it is extruded on the conductive core and heated and vulcanized. It is soft and flexible, suitable for occasions with frequent movement and small bending radius.