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How Is The UL Power Cord Qualified?
Jul 04, 2018

1. Look at the appearance of the power cord

The qualified (sheath) layer of the qualified product is soft, tough and very flexible. The surface layer of the UL power cord is tight, smooth, and has no roughness, and has a pure gloss. The surface of the insulating (sheath) layer should be clear and resistant. The mark of rubbing, the product produced by the informal insulating material, the insulating layer feels transparent, brittle and non-tough. The

2. Look at the core of the power cord

The wire core produced by pure copper raw materials and strictly drawn, annealed and stranded, the surface of the UL power cord should be bright, smooth, burr-free, tightly twisted, soft and tough, and not easy to break. The

3. Look at the length of the power cord

The length of the power cord required by different electrical appliances is different. It is best for the decoration owners to know the length of the qualified power cord before purchasing, so that you can know what to expect when purchasing the electrical appliance.