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Green And Safe Building Cables Become Hot Spots
Jan 14, 2019

      At present, energy conservation and emission reduction has become an inevitable topic in work and life. After the release of the National New Urbanization Plan (2014-2020), the green construction industry has attracted more attention. As the main artery in the building, the rapid development of green building will trigger a wave of research and development of green building cables.

      The energy-saving design of cables and wires in green buildings mainly considers the following two aspects: first, to select the cross-section of cables and wires according to economic density, to reduce perennial losses, and to save the most investment in the whole life cycle; second, flexible and convenient wiring, to meet the needs of different tenants, and to avoid a large number of repetitive wiring." Xia Lin, Deputy Engineer of Tongji University Architectural Design Research Group Co., Ltd., said.

      Construction industry is a major energy-consuming enterprise in all industries, and super high-rise buildings need 25% to 30% more energy consumption than general high-rise buildings. The application of new energy-saving technologies can effectively reduce energy consumption and greatly reduce or eliminate the negative impact on the environment. While applying energy-saving technologies, green buildings pay more attention to the protection and utilization of environmental ecology and sustainable development.

      As the "artery" in the building, the environmental protection of wire and cable is also very important. The life of buildings is generally 70 years, while the life of ordinary wires and cables is only 25 years. Some wires and cables which exceed the service life are easy to aging, and there are potential safety hazards, which endanger personal safety. Under the condition of guaranteeing the electrical performance of wires and cables, it has become the research and development direction of cable manufacturing enterprises to achieve the effects of environmental protection, safety, reliability, energy saving and durability.

      Nowadays, "green building" has become the mainstream trend of global architecture, and as the "main artery" of architecture, the cable and wire are directly related to the safety and life of the building. According to reports, the 70 + year long-life thermosetting insulated wires for intelligent buildings in the Far East have the characteristics of safety, longevity, energy saving and environmental protection. They meet the requirements of modern intelligent buildings, make green buildings more intelligent and make intelligent buildings have longer life.

      With the concept of energy saving and emission reduction, energy saving and efficiency increasing, the development of green buildings has become a general trend. As the "artery" in the building, the development of green building will push the construction line into a new stage of green and environmental protection development

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