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Distinguish Between Wire And Cable ''national Standard'' And ''non-standard''
Jul 04, 2018

One look. It depends on whether the wire and cable products have a quality system certificate, whether the certificate is standardized, whether there is a factory name, a factory address, an inspection chapter, a production date, and whether the trademark, specification, voltage, etc. are printed on the wire.

Two trials. It is advisable to take a wire head repeatedly and bend it by hand. Any soft touch, good fatigue resistance, strong plastic or rubber feel and no crack on the wire insulation are excellent products.

Three weighs. Good quality wire and cable, generally within the specified weight range per 100m weight.

Four price. Due to the low production cost of counterfeit and shoddy wires, traders often sell at low prices with low prices and good prices when selling.

Five look at copper. The copper core of the qualified copper core wire should be purple, shiny and soft to the touch. The copper core of the inferior copper core wire is purple-black, yellowish or white, with many impurities, poor mechanical strength, poor toughness, and will break when a little force is applied, and the wire is often broken.