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2018 China Electrical Materials And Motor Transformer Raw Materials Trade
Sep 10, 2018

  Jiang Jianzhong, the Secretary General of the Wire and Cable Industry Association, explained in detail the current situation and prospects of the wire and cable industry at the meeting, and proposed to carry out transformation and innovation and accelerate strategic layout.

  At the meeting, Jiang Jianzhong proposed that the current status of China's cable industry mainly has the following aspects:

  The two levels of differentiation under the overall economic benefits are obvious.One the one hand,compared with developed countries and enterprises such as the US, Japan and Europe, there is still a gap of 10-20 years in terms of technical capabilities.One the other hand,China is still in the development stage, and regional economic and social development is very uneven, and there are still a large number of effective demand for low-end and mid-range products.

  While devolping,companies need to pay moer attention to funds, quality and environmental protection.The significant decline in operating profit in 2017 has brought considerable survival and development pressure to business operations, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.

  Finally,technological innovation is the only way for China's cable industry to become stronger and stronger.We need to improve operational quality, improve management efficiency, and increase economic efficiency.

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