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The development of wire and cable industry presents a ''bottleneck''
Jul 04, 2018

      In recent years, China's wire and cable industry has flourished and achieved remarkable results. However, compared with its foreign counterparts, it is still in an emerging, low-tech state, its independent innovation capability is not strong, its product structure is not reasonable, and its middle and low-end products are over-produced. However, the production ratio of high-tech and high value-added products is low, and the industrial chain is still not perfect. In this regard, the industry has called for strengthening supervision and regulation of the development of the wire and cable industry.

      According to statistics, China's cable production enterprises have reached 7,000, but there are not many large-scale cable companies, more small enterprises, the production concentration of wire and cable industry is low, and the market share of the largest enterprises is only 1 %~2.5%.

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