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Teflon wire standard
Jul 04, 2018

There are two specific standards for Teflon wire: UL standard and VDE standard. So far, the domestic 3C certification is not Teflon line standard, so the Teflon line does not require 3C certification. Since Teflon wire was originally used in developed countries and belongs to special wires, it has been widely used in developed countries. Therefore, Europe and the United States have specially set standards for Teflon wires. UL758 is the standard for electronic wires in UL. Teflon wires are based on the UL758 standard. UL758 specifies various specifications such as AWG conductor size and wire diameter in Teflon wire. The VDE standard uses VDE0250. Like the UL758 standard, VDE0250 specifies the specifications such as the conductor cross-sectional area and the wire diameter.

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