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Selection requirements of flame resistance cables
Oct 18, 2018

       Flame-retardant cable refers to the cable whose sample is burned under the specified test conditions. After removing the test fire source, the flame spread only within a limited range, and the residual flame or residual flame can extinguish itself within a limited time. The basic characteristic is that it may be burned out and unable to operate in case of fire, but it can prevent the spread of fire. Generally speaking, in the event of a wire fire, the combustion can be limited to a local area, without spreading, to preserve other equipment, to avoid causing greater losses.
1.Dense cable
       The flame retardancy of cables with multiple dense configurations should be in accordance with the "bundled wire and cable combustion test method" and the principles of cable configuration, disaster prevention and economic rationality to meet the requirements of appropriate categories.
       (1) in the same channel, it is not appropriate to arrange the non combustible cable and the combustible cable side by side.
       (2) The following places or circuits which need to be maintained electrified for a certain period of time under the action of external fire should be protected against fire or refractory cables should be selected. Such as fire protection, alarm, emergency lighting, blocker operation DC power supply and generator unit emergency shutdown protection power supply and other important circuits; computer monitoring, double relay protection, security power supply and other dual-loop common channel without isolation of one circuit.
2.Application of fire protection method for Ming coated cables
       When the number of cables is small, fireproof coatings, taping can be applied to cables or cables should be worn in refractory pipes. When there are more cables in the same passage, it is better to lay them in the refractory box, and to use the air permeable type for the power cable, semi-closed type in the environment without inflammable dust, and fire retardant package can also be used when the cable protection section laid on the bridge frame is not long. Non-combustible mineral insulated cables can be used in oil tank areas, important wooden public buildings, high-temperature places and other situations where high fire resistance is required and installation and economic performance is acceptable. When the self-contained oil-filled cable is laid openly in public corridors, passenger tunnels, bridges and other situations requiring fire prevention treatment, sand burying can be adopted. Close to the cable trench of high voltage current, voltage transformer and other oil containing equipment, it is advisable to seal the trench cover plate.
3.Dense place
       It is necessary to equip the automatic fire detection and alarm device suitable for environment reliable operation in the cables dense places or closed channels with high safety requirements. The oil supply system of the oil-filled cable should be equipped with automatic fire alarm and locking device which can reflect the state of fuel injection. The installation of water spray, fire extinguishing and other special fire protection facilities can be installed in areas with high safety requirements, such as dense parts of underground public facilities, multiple terminal stations of oil filled cables, etc.
       According to incomplete statistics, there have been more than 200 cable fires in China in the past 20 years, with a total direct loss of 100 million yuan and an estimated indirect loss affecting the national economy of more than several billion yuan. Since the 1980s, there have been scientific research achievements in preventing cable ignition and ignition delay in China. It has been confirmed by ministerial appraisal that on the basis of a series of combustion tests including solid simulation engineering conditions, the effectiveness of preventing ignition delay is related to combustion intensity, and the effectiveness of fire resistance must be assessed according to the combustion temperature sufficient to characterize the actual possible combustion conditions. New understanding. Various flame retardant products have been developed with the cooperation of fire departments and other parties, and the flame retardant and refractory technologies for cables have also made remarkable progress.

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