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How to choose Cable fireproof material
Sep 19, 2018

   The flame retardant and fire retardant materials for cables are composed of a series of materials, such as fire retardant light enclosed groove boxes, light fire retardant partitions, organic fire retardant plugging materials, fire retardant coatings, etc. It is suitable for fire protection of cables of various voltage levels, and can effectively realize fire-resistant separation of cable channels and prevent cable from igniting and delaying.

       1.conductor material and conductor core structure. The melting point of aluminium conductor is 685 C and the fire-resistant cable test is based on GB / T 19216 to reach 750 + 50 C. It is obvious that aluminium conductor can not be used as fire-resistant cable; the melting point of copper is above 1000 C, so it can be used as conductor of fire-resistant cable. Copper wires with a cross-section of 1.0 mm or less do not melt at high temperatures, but because the wire core is too fine, it is liable to break due to local overheating and slight external influence, thus losing normal power-on function. Therefore, it is not recommended that copper wires with a cross-section of 1.0 mm or less be used as refractory cables. Large cross-section cable conductor core conductor is not easy to make fire resistant cable. Round conductor conductor is suitable for making fire resistant cable. Because the circular structure is smoother than the fan-shaped structure, the mica belt is more uniform in force, will not cause damage to the mica belt, and the circular structure than the fan-shaped structure saving mica belt, low cost.

       2.Selection of mica tape.The refractory temperature of synthetic mica is higher than that of mica. As the classification requirements for refractory cables have been cancelled in the national standards, refractory mica belts can be selected according to the requirements of customers in actual production. Considering the safety of refractory cables and the quality stability of refractory cables, it is suggested that synthetic mica be used in all cases.

       3.Selection of insulation materials.Most of the insulation materials used in refractory cables are PVC, PE, XLPE, etc. But the effect of using PE, XLPE is better than PVC, because the insulation materials of the cables have not been burned at 750+50 C, but the influence of the residual materials after burning different insulation materials on the mica tape is different.PVC is composed of PVC resin and CaCO3, which adhere to the outside of the mica belt according to its combustion mechanism. The mixture of CaO and Cacl2 is in a relatively stable state. They adhere to the outside of the mica belt. During the combustion process, internal stress will be produced and the mica belt will be extruded, which will damage the mica belt and affect the fire resistance.

       4.Selection of auxiliary materials.As an auxiliary material of refractory cable, tape and filling are not key materials, but should be based on the principle of minimum residue after combustion.

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