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Advantages of environmentally friendly cables
Jul 04, 2018

1. High flame retardancy: The environmentally friendly cable completely guarantees the building requirements of high fire protection requirements. The cable is not easy to burn in case of fire, and can prevent the spread of fire and the expansion of disaster after combustion.

2, halogen-free: not only has good electrical properties, physical and mechanical properties, and ensures that the product does not contain halogen, and solves the "secondary pollution" formed when it burns.

3, low toxin: insulation and sheath do not contain lead, cadmium and other heavy metals harmful to the human body, the cable will not pollute the soil and water source when used and disposed of.

4, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet: the use of green molecular materials with special molecular structure to ensure ultra-low water absorption. Special UV absorbers give the product a good UV protection.

5, high light transmittance: the smoke generated when the cable is burned is extremely thin, which is conducive to the evacuation of personnel and the fire fighting work.

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